Play Crush The Castle 2 Game

Crush the castle 2

The king has ordered you to crush all resistance, so in order to follow his commands you must strategically bring down all of the opposition's castles. To do this you'll need skill and timing. In Crush the Castle 2 your goal is to bring down the castle using as little tries as possible. Initially you have five shots to bring down the castle, but you can theoretically bring down the castle with only one. It is important to wait until all movement has stopped before resetting. You can reset for your next shot by pressing the reset button in the bottom right corner of the game screen. To launch the catapult click the mouse button anywhere on the screen, and when you're ready to throw a stone, click the mouse button again. The camera will pan along with the stone and you'll see it make contact with the castle if you picked the right trajectory. Once you're ready to throw another stone, simply click anywhere on the screen and you'll be taken back to the catapult again. You have five shots on each castle, so make sure you aim properly each time. The key to sending the strongest shots in Crush the Castle 2 is to release the catapult at the top of it's throw. As you progress through the game you'll have to knock down castles that are built better, making your job very difficult towards the end. Keep in mind that you do not have to collapse the entire castles, and your mission is to kill all of the men in the castle. Of course the best way to do this is to just collapse the entire castle. You can view your stats at the bottom of the game screen, so make sure you keep an eye on how many shots you have left.